Shirdi Saibaba "Am I pure enough to worship ?"

ALL OF US HAVE ASKED THIS SOME TIMES…”Am I pure enough to worship my God/guru??” Sai never judges us .. all of us believe this in some corner of our heart , but still the age old beliefs make us skeptical of even God that he might not act as God. .today we will talk about such incidents.

Hey guys , I got a new laptop and I hope it helps me to make this site better .. overall.

Covid situation is again on the rise please do take care of your health .. physical as well as mental. As a doctor , I would advice taking proper precautions like using clean masks in public places… moreover avoiding such places. Using sanitisation ..covering your hairs. Yah I know , you know all of this already.

But what we forget is that the most important thing is your mental peace.If you are cool at mind .. no one can make you fearful be it of Corona or something else. It’s too hard still we hope for a better future. May Sai help us to get out safely through these times!

The leprotic devotee and the lesson

Now, coming back to our topic. Once sitting in dwarkamai , Baba was visited by an old man , who was covered in wounds .. that of leprosy. And those wounds were oozing pus .. and stinking alot . The bad smell of that old man made a lady devotee cover her nose in disgust , who was already besat nearby Sai. Few minutes later , that devotee went away and that lady took a deep breath of relief .

Sai ,as he is omniscient ..knew everything. He decided to break this ice cold thinking of the lady . How we too feel sometimes ..don’t we? That we are above those people who wear torn clothes and live on the streets.And if they even touch us .. it feels like we have become dirty or impure. Likewise , we assume God to be the same . He will judge us if we go to him unwashed ..unclean . He will reject us if we don’t wear washed clothes in a pooja. Our lord will be angry. And when something negative happens.. we consider our “not following these rules” be the cause of our pain .

The answer to “Am I pure enough?”

So, there the leprotic devotee asked permission to go.And he went away ..that lady became relieved of her uneasiness by that smell . Just then Sai sent someone to call that devotee again. Sai asked him to bring some “peda” (a sweetmeat) .When he brought some .. Baba asked him to offer it to all. 😅 How smart Sai is .. he asked to offer that sweet ..from that leprotic devotee’s hands to each devotee sitting there .. starting from that lady .

She had to take the offering as she couldn’t reject Baba’s offering ..but she was not able to eat it. Only thought of this made her nauseous . And then Baba’s grace oozed through his words. I don’t remember the exact words I don’t know where I read this .(Gone through alot of books , remember them haphazardly 😅)

He told everyone present there the importance of rejecting the outer beauty and considering everyone to be a part of God , the almighty himself. Baba never humiliated someone ..unless it went too far. Most of the times ,Baba conveyed his messages in such a way that the person concerned understood exactly that the message was for him/her and others couldn’t know what is was about.

I hope this message and this story changes your perspective for better.And next time when your mind asks “Am I pure enough ?” You will have an answer .Right !

Remember this …

Baba never ever judges us and he wants us to do the same or at least try !

The scary voice of Sai

I had night duty , and I went to sleep at 5:30 am.. asking Baba to let me rest for sometime .. but I felt as if he was trying to wake me up. And I was answering him in my sleep please Baba it’s too late ..let me rest for one hour at least ! But , his voice grew stronger and I heard a scary loud voice calling me by my name “Sangeetaaa” heart knew some child was in trouble ..whenever this happens , Baba warns me always .But, I don’t believe these things alot of times.. considering them to be just my imagination .

After 10 minutes .. nurse called me “Dr Sangeeta that kid’s saturation is dropping” and I woke up to find that he was bleeding. Well , he was already standing at the door of death ..but I should try… till his last breath.

Baba’s voice gets stronger when I listen to him .. but I am not sure why I can’t do it everytime. I try to meditate but I am too tired.. so sleep captures me in between .

Let it be ! Someday I will meditate again ..untill then my job is my meditation as Sai says.

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Ok dear souls you again with some another sai story.

Till then you can watch this beautiful video from Di Jaan Jaya wahi (I am a great fan of her) 👇

A prayer during covid

Take care , stay healthy and cheerful!

Om Sairam ❤️


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