Sharing Sunday

Hey Sai friends , today I suddenly while scrolling instagram found a message from a sweet sai devotee ..and there she has done me a favour by sharing her Saibaba experience with me and asked to share it with you all . I completely forgot to do that.

Today sharing it as per Sai’s wish.


I wanted to share my experience of baba’s graceful blessings & presence. Actually there are infinite number of experiences in my life. But today I told baba that I am going to share this experience with saibaba devotees.

I work in IT and I have very strict manager and business teams. I had to work on an production thing today and business team gave me 3 hours to fix a project. When I tried to execute my project in production I was getting errors and project was failing. It failed 3 times continuously and I had only 45mins left. Fourth time I told to baba that if he can help me execute this project successfully I will offer him some prasad and also I told baba to stay with me because I was so stressed and I was feeling so nervous. The fourth time when I executed the project saying Sai ram Sai ram. Project did not fail. It got executed successfully. I felt very happy and emotional that baba was with me. Usually he will be with me always but days like this…. he will prove it
I offered him his fav kesari and did puja 😊
🌺🙏🏻Jai Sai ram 🙏🏻🌺 ”

Its delayed and I apologise for that but felt like Sai wanted it to be shared today only. 😊

Thankyou dear for your beautiful experience.

I pray for your well being .

Keep chanting Sai Sai Sai .. each of your task will get easier and you will be bound to achieve success.

You can share your experiences here .. email me at or insta me. Saibaba your best friend

Om Sairam 😇

One Reply to “Sharing Sunday”

  1. Reading your experience felt good because I am also a Sai bhakt. I really don’t know what I will do without my BabaSai. Such a sweetheart God ; Baba is always with us , in hard times or good times. Om Sai Ram


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