Going away to come closer!

Hey friends .. I did not write Sai friends today as I know people who appreciate my writing are not just Sai followers . I am surprised at how the people you love can stay unaware of one of your aspects (writing) . I mean many of my readers , thanks to them , that they read it and it gives me a reason to look forward in my life, belong to places crossing the seven seas . 😍 Love you all soo much.

Well I started writing mainly for Indian people , but it seems our intellectual level can meet people of any community or any religion. Thanks also to those readers who know me personally , as its hard to digest every aspect of a person you know ..because its the real me here! alot different from the person I appear face to face.

Ok , now ..talking about christmas ..I must tell , I have been so fond of christmas . We used to have winter vaccation (in school) from 24th to 31st december and I used to watch a christmas programme that was telecasted on DD1 on christmas eve on 24th . Then  my friends will come over and we used to visit the only church in jaisalmer . And light candles. Someone in my family brought a story book which had story of Jesus christ . I was enchanted with it soo much that my love for christmas grew more and more.

Sai and Jesus

In MBBS after a long time away from christmas joy , we visited church, once at christmas . And that year I got my hands on the book “Saibaba is still alive”. I was hypnotised by the picture at the end of the book , I will share it with you soon . The similarity of baba’s figure with Jesus christ gave me goosebumps.

In the book I read about Jesus in childhood , there was a line ” I am knocking at your door , open it my child and we will have a meal together” . Though I could not understand its deep meaning , and took the words literally and felt enthralled about the possibility of Jesus christ knocking at my door ..someday . 😍

Later as I came across baba Sai and one fine day I found this same line written with a baba’s picture . It just confirmed my faith about the words of Saibaba “God is one” .

So , I saw Jesus in Sai ..and Sai in Jesus!

Going away to come closer

I have been feeling from last two years like Saibaba threw me away from him as I can’t find time for meditation and even visiting his temple has become so difficult for me.

I have been keeping this question in my mind since my residency started.

And two days back , I got my answer . Though I don’t believe and stay skeptic about living gurus . But  , as Sai says “message from me can come through anyone .. as all have a part of me in them.” We don’t know when and how someone might act as Sai for us.

So, just random scrolling and I hit a button where a  Satya Sai devotee have written his experiences . And , the words  hit me like ” kuch asi lagan is lamhe me hai ..ye lamha kaha tha mera ! “🙃

Some realisations act like a dream coming true . Like your existence is worth something .Like Yes ..the Saibaba you love is not just a statue . He is real ..yes very reall and he answers you when its time. Immediately if you need it . And after some delay because that is the right time. 🥰

I will take no longer and sharing these words with you..

“I sometimes act as if I keep you at a distance that is done to reform you quicker. When a stretch of road is being repaired , I go by another detour and I do not use that bit of road for sometime .The purpose is to let the repair works proceed more quickly so that I may use that road again.” 

Leaving you with these lines and the heavenly feeling in the air. I hope you got the meaning of the title now.😊

Will share with you some christmas celebration pics soon .

Merry christmas and happy new year.

Om Sairam ❤

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