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From a narcissist to an empath with Baba Sai

Dear readers , I pray for your well being wherever you are.. be blessed always .😇 A huge realisation : I was always drifted towards psychology but never read anything in details . One of my friends made me go through some articles about narcissism and hell no .. I suddenly found out each answer…

Without you , it will never be enough for me Baba Sai !

Hey sainath , you have been the one who guides me always in each street ..each path ..each stairs. I have felt on the top of the mountain sometimes and on the opposite felt like invisible and discarded too. But I did not know and even now I sometimes forget that YOU WERE WITH ME…

My husband is an angel!

Hey friends ,may Baba Sai keep you healthy and peaceful . You noticed something ? I started writing “peaceful ” as I noticed peace is more important than being happy. 😇 You might not be laughing or smiling but your heart will be at ease with his blessings . You will have a deep satisfaction…


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