What you need to live a beautiful life..Insight!!

Shirdi Sai home idol
I remember my brother used to write some positive quotes in his new diary..one of them seemed so easy and cool I copied it in my mind..
“Do good acts,
Trust in Almighty 
and live a happy life”

I got the realisation of these words much later and I am honestly having realisations daily.
You may forget what Baba told you once ..but you will remember it again the day he wants you to learn it.
So, as per my experience with Baba and spirituality ..there are some things you can change in your life to get the best out of your life.
Also you can avoid alot of obstacles on your way.
●Some charity ..some compassion shared with other beings.
●Talking respectfully to everyone.
●Helping people whenever you can.
●Clear your beliefs and intentions.
Change them to love.
●Chanting God or guru’s name anytime you can.
Things not to do:
I am not a kindergarten teacher telling you not to cheat or lie or steal.😂
I supoose you know that.😛
●Gossiping or back bitching.
●Focussing on negative aspects of yourself or others..always.
●Using indirect comments or jokes to offend someone.
●Expecting alot.
(And many more things)

And the reality is..

Saibaba made me realise how common it is “to know everything written above” and “not applying it in real life”.
We try but we can’t as our mind works as a machine when devoid of insight.
It needs a list of simple rules to follow that our life can’t hand it over.
So, it becomes disturbed when it can’t decide what to do..how to do.
Yes it is hard ..until you meditate.
You may want to read the new page about MEDITATION IS A NECESSITY
You need an insight to figure out WHEN TO DO WHAT TO DO ..HOW TO DO?
For example,
I noticed it after meditation ..that I keep avoiding going out with some people because “the sangeeta who was going out with them was not me”.
I felt I couldn’t stay original in front of them .. fearful of being judged for anything I would do, wear or say.
So ,I avoided them.
Before meditation, I thought they are too judgemental so I don’t want to go.
But you see here is the difference “my fear” was making me hide, not their “judgements”.
Who told me to be fearful when someone doesn’t accept me as I am??
 ..my childhood experiences.
Why to be fearful??
So that they can accept my fake version.
Why do I need to be accepted??
To gain their love.
Is it love ?..if I am too scared to be with them?
Isn’t there some other way then??
Yes there is.
The insight taught me ..I shouldn’t care if they judge me or not ..as I am surely judging them to be judgemental.
(What a vicious cycle😅)
If they mocked on my clothes 5 years ago ..I would remember it and not dress up the way I did so that I can avoid their jokes..for the rest of my life.
Now ,here the correct way for me would be to go out with them ..this time being original again and letting them know when their judgements are getting offensive to me..mostly keeping my heart intact.
(This statement is my insight in that particular situation..it may or may not be good for you for any other situation.This is called insight..not sticking to a concept everywhere.)
But after meditation ..nothing like those jokes bothered me more than a few seconds.

Don’t depend on others’ insight(always)

Insight is all you need to have in your life ..as it will guide you what to do in which situation.
And no one else’s insight can work that well for you ..as your own.


I mean to say ..if I depend on a person’s insight always to guide me in my decisions.. it will not make me strong but dependent.
In my childhood ..my mom used to warn me not to lend my notebooks to any of my friends as they might loose it and then I have to suffer for it.My mom was more terrified for me than me myself.
But some voice inside me always said “There is no life without sharing things.” 
And I shared.
Though she was partially right as I lost my notebook twice but magically found it again.
(Now I know it was Sai who brought it back😋)
My mom’s insight maybe was good for her but not for me.
She was my mother ..still I made my own decisions at that tender age (just because of Baba)..
as I felt everything that elders say doesn’t apply on me.
No one is perfect.
So, no one but you (Sai/inner voice) can
know what is best for you.
So, it can be anyone ..your parents or siblings or friends or husband  ..you can ask for their perceptions but choose for yourself with your own insight  ..your own intuition.

Insight gives you what to do

I was confused once ..whether I should continue “the aura cleansing” practice or not.
I started it to protect my AURA in corona pandemic.
(We will discuss about AURA in next articles.)
And just then my husband came, stood in front of me and said…
You should protect yourself ..there are alot of negative forces out there.”
I was staring at him as he just answered me but why did he say so ..😅
And then he started laughing and said “the monk Varys from the Game of thrones (web series) used to do like this na! ..I just recalled it so I was imitating him.”
So ..this is how Sai answers and your insight will make you trust it as a Sai answer.
I would have ignored it easily if my insight wouldn’t have been active.
The insight of  “universe(Sai) is listening to me and answers me always” made me believe it.
Your insight might not work for others so you just advice them when they need it and let them be free ..its not necessary that they should always follow what you said.
As now you know it might not be beneficial to them.
(As their insight might not be best for you too)
We all have different personalities and character traits ..so we can’t work or think the same way.
This unique feature connects us more.
You might need my perception sometimes ..and I might need your words too.
But it doesn’t mean you seek me always or I seek you always for the answers.
Similarly .. without insight you won’t feel attracted towards “doing good” or you may find too many difficulties in that.
Let me tell you ..
When I started putting biscuits on the terrace of my room..no birds came there to eat.
I felt disappointed.
But then again Sai’s voice told me ..”If Baba wants you to share food ..he will make it happen..why you have to worry..
worrying is a kind of ego too…as it means you believe YOU have to do something.
If you trust him to be the doer ..then let it be..and keep doing your duty.”
I left it on Sai.
Baba made me put biscuits daily ..a few days they went untouched.
I kept praying and repeating the same.
And then it began ..initially came a few little birds..then a squirrel and then another squirrel ..then big birds and then rats at night.☺
Insight will tell you how to persist your action without expecting results ..it will teach you patience “saburi”.
For me my insight is nothing else but Baba’s voice inside me.
The more you focus and try to follow it ..more you will be able to hear it .
More you meditate ..more it will get clearer.

Mistakes are compulsory

I used to fear mistakes ..I couldn’t see why.
But after insight came in action ..I could see I felt too much judged by the world so I feared making mistakes.
So..how to change it?
After insight you don’t focus on the problem ..
ok there is a problem ..so what !..telling it to the whole world to gain sympathy or crying on the spilled milk won’t bring me a solution.
So now I cry a little but I think more ..not negatively ..not emotionally..but insightfully.
I imagine putting my emotion aside like he is a kid and I am telling him to sit in a corner while I think about why this happened ..what is the message..?
I will listen to all the voices of my mind and write them ..if not really ..I will scan them in my mind.
For ex:
Last year I got into too much past visions and I still don’t know if they were true or just my imagination.
But it made me seem like a fool in front of my family and some sai devotee.
And I cried one whole day but Baba told me crying was hurting him, so I stopped.
Now ..I collected courage to look into it.
It happened because…
1.It slashed off my addiction of seeing future and past.
2.It damaged my ego of being right always.
3.It made me look like a fool ..so it brought down my fear of rejection or insult from people.
I have always been a people pleaser so this mistake of mine made me stronger.
My question now became..
Why should I worry if they think I am a fool.
I am a fool 🤭.so why worry ..I accept it gracefully.
Just this aspect of mine is not who I am as a whole.
Everybody is a fool and everybody learns through their mistakes.
With insight you learn that people give out the same emotions onto you ..what they harbour inside them.
They had a fear of looking like a fool so they judged me for my mistake.
But their aspect of judging me is not the whole of “them” either.
So..its ok for them to say things about me.
And its time to change me…not them.
Spirituality focuses on changing “me” not others.
And here insight helps one seek the questions that lead back to oneself.
And if I want to change myself ..I shouldn’t be bothered about what they were thinking ..I should be bothered about what I am thinking.
Sai answered me…”you did a mistake ..and you regretted ..right? ..but it was necessary..otherwise it won’t have happened in your life..with my permission.
To bring down the ego and clear your concepts that don’t drift into the past lives and all.
You are with me here so focus on the present life.”
And he made me put away my past conditioning…
I used to cut off people when they judged me or scolded me for my mistakes.
But this time I could forgive myself so I could forgive others too.
And I continued talking to them ..I asked sorry ..and corrected my mistake in my behaviour.
Remember always when you have an angel on your shoulder ..everything that happens with you ..happens with his permission.
And he will do what is necessary for you..be it your insult or praise.
I accepted it was necessary because Baba let it happen.
After that time.. I rarely feel ashamed of who I am ..what mistakes I did ..or what I look like.
Because the whole world is living in this fear of rejection from people..and it ain’t doing us any good.
I am lucky that Baba diminished it by his leela.
So, never expect that you won’t do any mistake or no one will shout at you or scold you ..don’t be fearful of them.
If they shout ..see it as a message.
Tell them what you feel like.
But try not to repeat what they did..
..to them or to someone else.
They themselves don’t know how they are repeating what they saw in their childhood.
So,its ok for them to be so.
But if you got the insight ..go with it, not with the reflexive behaviour.
Insight will tell you whom to listen to ..which advice to follow ..which to reject.
You won’t feel sad or confused for more than a few minutes after that.
You will accept your feelings boldly.
It doesn’t mean you won’t feel regret for the things you shouldn’t have done ..but you won’t drown yourself in the lake of guilt for years.(like me)
You will keep respect and truth separate.
Telling someone your truth is not disrespect..even if they are not ready to hear it.
But try to use the right words.As you don’t want to neglect their love just to prove yourself right.
Here Baba gave a quote to live by..again insight 🤔..
Just keep trying to see your emotions and keep them aside ..you will screw up alot of times ..but each time ask for sorry and try to correct your mistake.
This life is an experiment to better us.
So ,keep experimenting.
Some people might have the insight by birth but it gets lost when we have different experiences (conditionings) in the world outside.
To save it ..to develop it ..you need to think in the right way ..to practice meditation …to calm your mind.
And those who have a guru (who know that they have a guru) don’t need to worry about anything ..as guru himself will develop your insight just focus on him ..keep remembering him.🤩
Do let me know ..
How do you listen to Sai or your insight or intuition?
You can visit the post about good deeds👉 Small deeds large impact
Stay in the divine feet forever.😇
Keep listening to his voice.🥰
Om sairam😍

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