Your efforts matter most!

Sai Sai

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From a narcissist to an empath with Baba Sai

Dear readers , I pray for your well being wherever you are.. be blessed always .😇 A huge realisation : I was always drifted towards psychology but never read anything in details . One of my friends made me go through some articles about narcissism and hell no .. I suddenly found out each answer…

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Without you , it will never be enough for me Baba Sai !

Hey sainath , you have been the one who guides me always in each street ..each path ..each stairs. I have felt on the top of the mountain sometimes and on the opposite felt like invisible and discarded too. But I did not know and even now I sometimes forget that YOU WERE WITH ME…

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My husband is an angel!

Hey friends ,may Baba Sai keep you healthy and peaceful . You noticed something ? I started writing “peaceful ” as I noticed peace is more important than being happy. 😇 You might not be laughing or smiling but your heart will be at ease with his blessings . You will have a deep satisfaction…

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Hey sai friends .. I hope you all are doing fine. I am good ..nowadays my duty is from 8 am to 10 pm .We could study today ..I mean to say , we are able to spare sometime for other things too nowadays.. if we want to study in hospital only.

There is a child named Vishnu .. 3 years old and he is on ventilator , post operated for appendicular abscess. Appendix is a part of our intestine which has no use (vestigial organ) .The food we eat specially junk kind of food may get stuck there and cause inflammation .See how he got appendicitis and his parents ignored that for one week (how we usually do) ..untill he was serious enough to be taken to hospital.He was constipated from 5 days and after admission his appendix ruptured and that’s why he was operated .But gut (intestine) grew gangrenous (died) and he was operated again and his dead gut was removed but his infection spread and he came on ventilator(a machine to assist breathing when it’s too hard for the patient to breath on his own)

We have to timely remove the oral secretions of such children .. to clear his mouth ,nose and take care of many more things .

When I used to get up to do that my mind told me how my efforts are going to dustbin as I knew how greivous the child was ..but the Sai inside me always reminded me how I am not doing this to get something in result !

Though it’s hard to think like that always .. but when you chant sai’s name.. your thoughts get purified .You don’t need to try then just start listening to your heart reflexively .You work from a place of love , for love .. with love.

Sai made me listen to my heart .. though my friends use to say ..I over exhaust myself taking care of things that can be managed by others too .They are correct at their place but I couldn’t do anything otherwise.

When we do something with heart ..and it fails ..I know it feels sad .But why do you think this failure is a failure ??

Who told you these failures are sad.. are useless ..who told you failures are really failures ??

If I desire a particular outcome , how come I be open minded ? ..and if I won’t be open minded how come I can love people .. how come I be happy with whatever happens come I be a sai devotee then!

Baba never said have to be result oriented .. he said just try your that time’s best.

If I could take more care of patients in day , doesn’t mean I can take care of them with same enthusiasm in night.

Your best changes according to situation.My colleagues have more retaining power .. and I appreciate that.

But it doesn’t mean I should compare myself feeling sad .. I do my best ..what I am good at ..spreading love as much as I can.

Actually my Sai does that .. not me !!

Let him do what he does through me.

And then let anything happen as a result ..let people praise or scold .. I be concerned with my efforts ..and my perception ..not what people see in me or want from me.

Sometimes it feels bad ..and good ofcourse ..but I pray to Sai I stay unwavered in both the conditions of appraisal and criticisms.

I have found when I look within ..I feel less affected by world’s opinion as well as I don’t hate them for that and I live in peace.

When you understand you can’t change others ..but you can change yourself beautifully focus on yourself and when you finally focus where you need to .. you start to understand your thoughts ..your tendencies ..your fears and much more..and that eliminates the need to show off or to hate or hurt others .

I did my best ..I spread love as much as I could doesn’t matter if that was appreciated or not .. if that was ignored or I was misunderstood .

If I know I tried my best ..I was good, why should it matter. A person in love should be crazy enough to be in pain and laugh at the same time!!

Sai Baba have changed me alot .. I can see such drastic changes in me. I love myself ..I love people more ..I am more peaceful in harsh conditions too. I wait untill my senses come to Sai’s feet again and then react .He is really a miracle worker for he lights lamps with water. So does he change my life beautifully inculcating various traits in me .🤗

Then came a day when Vishnu came in my dream and kissed me goodbye saying thank you.. I felt as if he was telling me “thank you Di to take care of me” , how moved I felt with that dream as sai showed me my efforts won’t go to waste ..he felt relief be it for a few seconds … a person felt detached of his pain ..a person felt important because I tried something to save him ..ohh lord today I understood how beautiful it feels to make a difference ..though Vishnu went away with Sai next night but I feel at peace that I did what I can..and I pray that he rests in Sai’s feet peacefully.

I hope we can love sai so much that nothing seems hard or too painful to do ..when Sai commands ..we do it it like that. Ameen!!

May Sai bless you all with peace and love.😊

So, try your best ..and leave the rest on Sai .

He won’t disappoint you ever!

Gudnight sweet souls ❤️

Om Sairam 🙏

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