Let us meditate ..Let us love Sai!

Let us meditate and let us love sai
This will change you!

Come friends , let us meditate today ..with your Sai , your God ,Goddess ..guru..whomever you believe in .Let us love Sai ..a little more today.

Note: Read this post with time on hand ..and your favourite melody flowing around you! Just play some songs dear and forget the world for next few minutes.😊

Maybe its Kali maa for you, or lord ganesha . Maybe it’s Allah or Jesus ! Maybe it’s Saibaba or Tirupati balaji. Or guru Nanak or lord Buddha . Maybe it’s lord mahaveer or Shri Hanuman ..or Shri Krishna.

You can sit at a place and close your eyes , just visualise them as you love to see them .The idol from the favourite temple of yours , or the face of an actor who played his/her role . The smiling face of lord Krishna with the flute in his hand or the energising dancing lord Shiva with all bhashm over his forehead.

Look they are here , they want to talk to you ..to give you relief and some love you deserve.

Let us meditate with Sai

Let us go to Shirdi.. Shirdi of 1900s .. look there is dwarkamai !! ohh what a blessing to see the dwarkamai with your own eyes .. where is sai ?

Lo ! there he is ..your love ..your Sai ..sitting in a meditative posture and look at those brilliant flames in the dhuni. Its welcoming you there , yes indeed , and why won’t it .You are Sai’s kid! Your eyes are starting to fill with tears to see your Sai ..so close ..so calmly sitting in front of you ..just a few steps away!

Come on now , let us meditate , let us love him more . Let us look at him sooo long absorbing every inch of his form into our eyes , that we shall never forget this moment !😍

Enter the dwarkamai !

Climbing the first step:

Now slowly move your leg to step up on the stairs to Sai , yes our own Sai. Did you ever imagine , you will be here someday ! Nhi na! Look now , you don’t want to close your eyes , you don’t want to loose sight of Sai even for a second. 😍

Sai , smiles in his meditation 😊 , still his eyes are closed. Ohh this smile !!! You can give up this whole world to see this smile. You control your tears and put your feet on the second step . Suddenly , someone inside you tells you to leave the baggage, you are carrying, on that step only.

“Whose voice was this? There is just Sai and me na!”🤔

You look at Sai’s face and his smile gets more brighter . And you feel he is speaking not through his lips , but through your own soul.🤗

“Sai, I can leave whatever you tell me , I just want to be with you , I came to see you Saimaa.” ❤️

A thought.. of your luggage might get lost on the way back ? came in your mind.

“Do you want to go back ?” That sweet voice was heard again.. like questioning away your thought .

Yes , drop your bags!

“I don’t want to think of the next moment , it’s just you here .. just you.”

Saying this you removed the bag you are carrying and put it there while climbing the next step . And you suddenly realised , it was not the bag of clothes , it was the bag of worries, so many dark energies ,you were carrying with you , which were left out . ” Wow !! that’s beautiful ..I feel lighter ..so lighter and calm!!”

“Now , can I see you sai ? ”

“You are already ! Don’t you?” 😊

“Sai ! You are kiddin with me again” 😅

“Come my child , climb onto the next step now.”

The second step :

And there you just flow towards him like never before !

The lid of your water bottle opened up suddenly and the water got spilled there .. “Ohh what a mess sai , now what do I do?”

“Leave the bottle there ,darling .. no need for that in here. Look we have our own earthern pot with lots of water.”

“Ohk” .. your sad eyes twinkled now and you placed that bottle away .. and climbed the next step . You looked for the last time towards the water that got spilled and found out there were those millions of desires flowing away .

“Ohh sai , you are a magician ! You made me leave my desires in such a cool way ”

“Yah I’m getting modern na!” You couldn’t control and the sound of your laughter synchronised with his .😂

“Is this a hallucination , when I see this form.. that is sitting in front of me .. I see a calm peaceful sai , while you are talking and laughing with me from inside. Baba what is this , please tell me na!”

Your question gets dissolved in the sound of the flute that blessed your ears just then ..wow that’s so peaceful ..so beautiful. Where this melody is coming from? You try to find out but every direction seems to be uplifted by this beautiful sound .

You couldn’t help it but get lost for a few moments . When you opened your eyes , you found a Diya in front of you . “Sai , where it came from ? Ohh lord it’s such a magical world ” 😇

“Come dear , light it and climb the next step. “

“Ok Sai , that’s cool ..but what I light it with ..there is no ghee , no wick , no lighter. Shall I go and bring them?”

“Bring them ? From where you crazy child of mine .. Just put your hand inside your pocket and there is everything you need.”

“Ok, I know I’m crazy , but right now you sound crazier Sai ! ” And you put your hand in, to find out the wick .

“Ohh wow !”

Come , let us light the Diya of love

You bend down and put the wick inside the diya .. and some memories are brought to your eyes just like a movie streaming.The blessings of your life … your sweet family , that put your wishes upfront.That best friend of yours who always made your day. Your tears were turned into smiles by that little angel of yours. How many times you forgot your problems looking at that cute puppy you had.

This was something new. Though you felt good remembering them .but today this feeling got a 100 times more intense . Your eyes just overflowed with tears ..with so much happiness, that you felt your heart will just jump out . Your tears so beautifully collected into that Diya (lamp) and you were amazed to see this. What’s happening? .. ohh it’s fine! 🤗 As now you don’t bother ..for you are in Sai’s dwarkamai !

“Close your eyes .. and tell me do you love me?”😊

What this question did to you ! Your heart got pierced with such a deep soothing intense feeling of love … LOVE

“When you missed that friend of yours , you chanted his name trying to sleep ..remember darling?”

Someone was reminding you of those moments spent with Sai when you needed him most and he made you feel home. 🥰

There is always more than you can see!

You felt an urge to say “Yes”.

Your eyes closed and you found you are there in your past moment looking from a distance.The past “you” was sitting there “Sai please give me some sleep .. please Sai , I feel so alone and I don’t want to .”

“But ..what you missed that time, you can see now..”

There you called Sai…

And here a bright white light emerged in front of you .. even before you asked him to bless you with sleep , that light formed a shape.The beautiful shape that your eyes could ever see .. The form of Saibaba , your Shirdi Saibaba and he put his bright hand over your forehead covering your eyes . That very moment a stream of love started flowing from him to you …❤️❤️❤️

“Ohh that’s what really happened that day ? I knew it Sai , it was you .” 😇 So overwhelmed you feel , to know..what you couldn’t earlier.

“Ohh Sai!!” is all you could say with your choked up throat.

You came back to dwarkamai , and found a flame from your heart reached the wick and lit it. You were constantly looking at Sai .. the white clothes that adorned him could not hide his brilliantly sparkling aura ..”Ohh Sai I shall die now!”😭

” No, you can’t ..there is so much more for you to see!”

To be continued…

Hey friends , it’s just the third step we reached .. just keep yourself updated to reach closer to Sai in the next post.

I hope you feel the bliss that I felt writing it. I just don’t know why I wrote this.. just did.

Sai , love you soo much !

Stay safe and healthy dear sai souls. May your heart be filled with his love .. that keep overflowing through you to the world outside.

You can listen to me singing a song for Sai here 👉 Piya o re piya for Sai . Hehe please don’t mind my voice .

My intention is to just spread love and peace.❤️

If you are new .. you can go through the older post with a sweet sai devotee’s experience 👉 kon kahta hai Sainath ate nahi .

Om Sairam ❤️😇

5 Replies to “Let us meditate ..Let us love Sai!”

  1. Well this post is a clear example that we CAN express our BHAV on paper…not completely maybe but a fraction of that.
    Such a beautiful post.❤️❤️


    1. Yes dear ..I remembered that dialogue from Sai ..when his ego will be diminished , I will enter him to write my story myself ! I don’t know about my ego but he only wrote this, I am incapable and nothing !


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